CZEG SOP Version 3.4 Released

  Published 6 August 2022  •    by Thomas Smith 1505007

CZEG SOP Version 3.4 has been released. Changes in this document include a new position that is being tested; CZEG_APP. This position controls both CYEG and CYYC Arrivals and Departures. It is a training only position for S3 controllers, certified on CYYC_APP, and who are actively engaged in their C1 training. It is a restricted position that requires recommendation from your instructor and approval by the FIR Chief.

Also some clarification has been provided for logging on under another controller. As per the SOP, any controller may control a position of which they are certified. This does not require the permission of exec, staff or online controller. However, as per SOP 2.1; Any controller wishing to log on to a position within the FIR must coordinate with the overlying controller on TeamSpeak before connecting. Please don't just pull the peek-a-boo maneuver.

At the request of the Events staff, a policy has been clarified for controllers who have signed up but are unable to control their assigned position. The onus is on THAT controller to make their best effort to find a replacement. The Events team is there to assist you, not to scramble around at the last minute to replace you. Please give them a fighting chance.

Any other changes are for grammar and clarity. If you see any discrepancies or disagreement with VATSIM policy, don't hesitate to take it up with the FIR Chief of Deputy Chief.